Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Super Fast

It's been a good week, I feel like it went by super fast. I can't believe Matthew goes into the MTC next week, for some reason July 23 feels further away than that, but I guess it is coming up fast. Ah, July cannot be almost half over! How does time keep going faster? I don't like it at all.

There were a few really good things that happened this week. The first one happened on Tuesday. We've been teaching a lady in her 60s. She has a church that she attends and loves, but she has really enjoyed meeting with us and seems to believe what we've shared with her so far. On Tuesday we invited her to be baptized, and she accepted! I don't think she fully understands that this means she'll need to leave her church, because she came to church on Sunday, but then left after sacrament to go to her church. So we'll have to address that concern. But she understands the importance of priesthood authority, which is good. 

Sister Boyson and I have both been trying to figure out a better way to help people understand the whole "one true church" concept. We're trying to figure out a good way to tell them that they need to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jesus Christ's church, which is the only church of Jesus Christ and the only one with His authority.

We were able to get a blessing from bishop on Sunday, just for some guidance and direction as to how we can further the work here. It was a really great experience, a lot like when I got a blessing from Bishop Jones in Greenville. Sister Boyson and I were both promised some very specific things and given very clear direction that we are to work through the members of the ward. I know that that's the way to have success here, even more so than in other places. Obviously the best way to find people to teach is always through the members, but this ward especially has such a strong spirit of family between the members, it really is a ward family. So we've been making plans as to how we can start talking with members more and helping them to identify who it is that they love that's ready for the gospel. We want them to be as involved as possible. And now we know that that's how God wants us to work here. 

It was also really interesting, because for a good minute at the beginning of my blessing, Bishop Swails promised me that my family was being blessed for my service, that the desires that I have for my family will come to pass as I'm on my mission, and that many family members will receive blessings for my service. It was good to hear that, and I'm glad that every week when I read your emails I can get an idea of how people are doing at home, and that although there've been little problems, for the most part everyone has been healthy and safe. I hope that my mission and the things that I share also have made it easier to live the gospel and feel the Spirit and share that with other people. 

It is hot and it is humid, but I'm loving the summer here, and all the people we're getting to meet and teach. We did teach the couple the smoking lesson, but we haven't been able to have much contact with them since then, so we'll see tomorrow how things are really going. We have our first interviews with President Turner on Wednesday, so I'm excited to talk with him some more. 

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