Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Good Week

It's been a good week. Although it's been a lot hotter and more humid lately. We were starting to think that we were going to get away with a nice, mild summer, but apparently not.

It's good to hear that Elder Rudy is doing well, and I was particularly excited to hear about the sisters in his district. I hope I'll be able to meet them. Transfer calls are next week, so I'll know next Monday if I'm staying or going. It's kind of an interesting situation, since I've only been here 2 transfers, but Sister Boyson is leaving next transfer. So if we stay together another transfer, then I would probably stay in the area when she goes home. And then I'd only have one more transfer, so I'd probably just stay till the end of my mission. So I kind of feel like this transfer will determine if I stay here for the rest of my mission or not. Unless something crazy happens, like when Sister Boyson goes home I leave as well, and I feel like crazy stuff tends to happen pretty frequently, so we'll just have to see.

We had a good week. I went on an exchange, which was fun. We did some service for a less active member, helping her clean up her craft room. She had a lot of stuff, that room was crammed full. And most of it was cute, useful stuff, but there was just so much. This lady is one of those people who never throws anything away, and always has about ten projects going on at once. So it was quite a task, but we got a lot done and it was pretty fun.

We had a lot of people who committed to come to church this week, but only one of them actually made it. I can't remember if I've talked about her before, but she's a very sweet old black lady that Sister Winsor and I knocked into awhile ago. We've taught her a few times and she understands what we're teaching her, just has a hard time believing that the Savior would only have one church. But she came and stayed all three hours yesterday and seemed to really enjoy it. We were teaching the Young Women lesson, so we didn't get a chance after church to talk to her about what she thought, but I think she had a good experience. Everyone was very friendly.

Sister Boyson and I sang a duet in sacrament meeting, "Because I Have Been Given Much." It went really well. I was a little nervous about it, since I was singing alto, and we did it without accompaniment, but we've been practicing all week and everyone told us afterward that they loved it.

We've really been trying to get involved with the ward and the members in as many ways as possible, and it's really making a difference.  As we're spending more time with members and getting more involved and asking how we can help the members are becoming more missionary minded. It's especially made a big difference with the ward council. We now have assignments from almost every auxiliary. So we are going to be running to get everything done this week. It's exciting. It's a lot more fun to be a busy missionary than to have to find things to do all the time.

I hope everyone has a good week; thanks for all the emails and pictures. It's always good to hear about how everyone is doing. I love y'all! Have a blessed day :)

Sno Cones at the Ward 24th of July Breakfast !?!

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