Saturday, October 4, 2014

Super Crazy Week

It has been a super crazy week. So much has happened, I can barely keep up with it. The first crazy thing that happened was we had 21 people at our Book of Mormon class on Wednesday night! Normally, there's only about 5 people. But this week everyone came. A couple other members from the ward showed up and then our elders brought four of their investigators. And we were all crammed in a tiny Primary classroom.  It was really cool. We had a great lesson and everyone seemed to love it.

Then Thursday morning we had another adventure- a flat tire. Don't worry this one went much better than the last flat tire I had. We called Elder Larson and he told us where to go to get it fixed, and we were able to put enough air in the tire to get us to the shop, so we didn't have to put the spare on. And the people who fixed it were very nice, and got it done quickly, so we weren't stuck there all day.

But the coolest thing that happened this week was we found an amazing family to teach. We were walking down this dirt road in the middle of nowhere, and we saw a teenage girl outside her trailer. We talked with her and she invited us to come back and talk with her parents the next day. We went back and talked with the mom. Apparently, she stumbled across BYUtv and loves it! She would watch it all the time, and so she's already seen general conference and knew a lot about the church. She told us she'd found out awhile ago that there was a church in Camden and had been wanting to go for a long time. 

We invited them, and they told us they would come. Sunday morning came, and sacrament meeting started and they weren't there. Sister Torino especially was really disappointed. But then, right after the opening prayer, Sister Torino poked me and said really excitedly, "They're here!" They stayed for all three hours and loved it. And they're planning to come back next week for general conference. We went over after church and talked with the wife for awhile. She is so prepared to receive the gospel. She asked us what happens after we die, and when we told her she said, "You know, I must have been born a Mormon and didn't know it, because I've always believed that but no one has ever taught me that." Everything we talked about just made her so excited. But she really wants her family to be united in whatever they do, so her husband is going to be the key to getting that family into the church. He's the one who's had a hard time with churches in the past, but he seemed to really like our church. So we're really excited about them.

Also, Brother Nelson was released as our ward mission leader on Sunday. That really surprised all of us, Brother Nelson included. He's only been the ward mission leader since the beginning of the year. But our new ward mission leader is Brother Prows. We've met with him and his wife before, they're really nice so it should be good. I'll miss being able to have dinner with the Nelsons; they're the cutest little family.

We're looking forward to another great week here, we've got a lot of good things happening in the ward; it's really exciting. Thanks for all the letters and emails. I love y'all, have a great week!

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