Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sister Torino and Farewells

So, my new companion is Sister Torino from the Philippines! She's very nice and we're getting along great. It was a pretty crazy and exciting transfer. Since the Temple Square sisters didn't get in until after transfer meeting, I stayed down in Columbia with the other sister who was getting a Temple Square missionary. We found out at transfers that the two sisters were from Germany and the other from the Philippines, so that was pretty exciting.

Then after transfers we went to the airport to pick them up. That was really strange, to be in the airport. After the sisters arrived we went out knocking on some doors in the Columbia area. We randomly decided who would go with whom, and I ended up with Sister Torino. We ended up in downtown Columbia that night. She was a little nervous to be knocking on doors for the first time, but she did a great job. Her English is really good, although she has a bit of an accent. It's cool though, because since she has an accent it makes people listen to her more intently, since they have to concentrate to understand what she's saying. We stayed the night at one of the senior couples' apartments. We were all exhausted. This whole week has been exhausting. 

The next morning we went to the mission office so President Turner could meet the new sisters and assign us our companions. He couldn't do it the day before because he was with the departing missionaries. President talked with me and Sister Wheelock, the other SCCM sister, first. He actually asked us who we wanted to be our companion. That surprised us, we both didn't feel very qualified to pick our own companion. Neither of us had any feelings one way or the other, so President interviewed both the temple square sisters and decided to have Sister Torino be my companion, and Sister Mathias go with Sister Wheelock.

Oh, and other crazy news from transfers, Sister Bell got put back with Sister Eames as companions. Sister Eames was her companion after I left her. So apparently being put back with old companions runs in the family.

It's really strange to have Sister Boyson and Sister Winsor be home. They both handled it really well. Tuesday was a pretty emotional day though. I think it finally hit Sister Boyson that she was leaving for good. But it was an awesome day; we taught some really good lessons and got to see a lot of the members that meant a lot to Sister Boyson, so it was a really good day. And then at transfers Sister Boyson and I sang her song, and that went really well. I miss her, but I'm glad to have Sister Torino now.

Camden district, Sept. 3

Sisters Boyson and Rudy at Finley park

Sisters Rudy, Winsor, and Boyson

Sister Torino is a convert to the church, her family joined when she was 11. But then her family went inactive for a long time. She started going back with a friend, and then when she decided to go on a mission, her parents started going back to church. She's also a really good cook, so I've gotten to try a lot of Philippino food lately. It's good. It's also been cool to hear about what the Temple Square mission is like; it sounds pretty crazy and busy.

It should be a very fun transfer. We're working hard to find more people to teach and to help the people we're already teaching to make some progress. We're definitely learning patience. I hope y'all have a good week. I love you!

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