Monday, June 16, 2014

A Wedding and a Farewell

It's been a really great week. As you can see the wedding did happen and it went so well! It was absolutely wonderful. The ward members put it all together and so many people came to support them. One of the members did the ceremony and it was so sweet. Dan cried, and their kids were adorable and very well behaved. 

We had the wedding in the Relief Society room, and then while we were outside taking pictures the ward sisters brought in all the food and we had the reception in there as well. Dan sang Latisha a song before they cut the cake, and he has an amazing singing voice. As soon as he finished singing, all the ward members where commenting that he really needs to join the ward choir. They're super excited to get baptized; they were telling all their family and friends who came to come back next week for the baptism. I can't believe how fast everything is falling into place for them. A month ago they didn't have a place to live, Dan didn't have a job, and now they're settled down, and married, and about to be baptized! It's a miracle. It's a testament to me that when people are ready, God makes things happen. I'm so excited for them. They're already setting their sights on the temple, and they want to be sealed a year from now.

Other than the wedding, we've had a very interesting week. Sister Winsor and I have both had a cold. We really weren't up to doing much, but between teaching Dan and Latisha, and having a member dinner every day this week we still stayed busy. But whenever we didn't have something we needed to do, we were sleeping. And it seems to be mostly gone now. 

Which is good, because I had to give a talk in church yesterday. I talked about Heavenly Father's plan for us, and how we can see how much He loves us by this plan that He has. It was a really interesting thing to study, and it helped me to recognize all the little tender mercies that Heavenly Father has shown me throughout my mission. It's so true that God knows us individually and is actively involved in each of our lives.

We also had our last zone conference with President and Sister Holm. It was basically like a super long farewell, and then President gave us some instructions on what will happen when President Turner and his wife get here in July. We'll get to meet them within the first few days. It's really hard to see President and Sister Holm go. We all cried a lot when the time came to give them the last hug and handshake. But President stressed throughout the day that we will see each other at mission reunions or he's going to come hunt us down. I've learned so much from them, and I love them so much. But I also know that it's a blessing that I'll be able to have two mission presidents, and get to learn from two wonderful couples. This will be a hard but good change.

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