Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Word of Wisdom

The theme for this past week in Easley was the Word of Wisdom.  I can't even count how many times it ended up coming up in our lessons and conversations. It's not something that we teach very frequently, but after this last week I feel like my ability to teach it has really improved. Unfortunately, our new member is still having trouble with the Word of Wisdom.  We talked to Bishop about it on Sunday, and he said something she's said in his last interview with her had made him think that it may still be a problem for her, and that he'd talk to her about it. I love the way that Preach My Gospel tells us to handle situations like this, that we just need to treat it as an understandable, temporary setback. 

The other interesting situation with the Word of Wisdom came up when we were teaching the man that one of our recent converts takes care of. His doctor told him to drink a couple beers a day, to help with some of his health problems, something or other related to his kidneys. And so we talked a lot about that with him, about the Word of Wisdom and why the Lord gave it, and about the blessings we're promised. It's been an interesting thing to teach, because I've really learned that it's not just a temporal law, and that what it really comes down to is whether or not we trust God. Not all the things in the Word of Wisdom make sense, from a worldly standpoint. But I know, and we've been telling this to a lot of people, that God always knows what's best for us, and that if we have enough faith to be obedient, even when we don't understand why, that God is going to bless us. 

Transfer calls are this Saturday night, so I'll be able to tell you on Mother's Day if I'm leaving. In some ways I feel like I'm going to stay, but all the signs are pointing to me leaving--half our investigators have moved and we've been able to meet or re-contact some people that we've been trying to see for forever. A lot of good things are starting to happen. We met the Kunzler's neighbor, and set up a dinner and a lesson with him at the Kunzler's house. We ran into this guy we met in a parking lot a month ago, and he is so prepared for the gospel, if he'll just exercise his faith and act on our invitations to come to church. We're going to start reading the Book of Mormon with our less active member. And another investigator is back from Atlanta so we're going to keep teaching him. So there's a lot of good things happening, and I'm excited about all of them, whether or not I stay in this area. 

I'm excited to talk to you soon.  Thanks for all the prayers, have a blessed week!

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