Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sunny South Carolina

It's been a long week. We haven't been getting as many teaching appointments as we normally do and that's making time go by a lot slower than usual. Most of our investigators are kind of in a rut right now, either they're choosing to not make much progress or their situation is keeping them from progressing. I think we'll stop visiting a few of them in the next week or two if something doesn't change. 

But, the lessons we did have were all very good. Our new member is doing really well, although she was sick this weekend with the flu so she didn't make it to church. But the first time we saw her after Sunday, she just kept going on and on about how she felt after her baptism. One of the older couples in the ward have started teaching her the new member lessons. They gave her a copy of Preach My Gospel, and she's been reading it. She's super excited to be a visiting teacher, so hopefully she gets that assignment soon. 

We met this cute old couple. It's actually really funny how we found them. We had just been to visit our new member, and we decided to take a few minutes and knock around in an apartment building. Well, the first door we knock on opens and there's one of the members of our ward. We were both pretty shocked to see each other there. He does some kind of health care insurance stuff, and he was there doing a home evaluation. The wife thought we were the nurses, so she invited us in, and it wasn't till we'd been there for a few minutes that we were able to clarify who we really were. And they let us teach them about the Book of Mormon and they've agreed to read it. We're going back tomorrow, so it worked out well. The husband is 91 years old; he served in WW2, and he still goes dancing with his wife every night. He said he'd been to some Mormon services when he was in the military; he served in the Pacific. So, I'm sure that will be a good lesson tomorrow. 

We were also finally able to teach another one of our investigators again; I think at this point he's our most progressing investigator. He's willing to do everything we ask him to, like read and come to church, he's just been busy and gotten distracted lately. But he recommitted to making more of an effort to find out for himself. The great thing about him is that he's able to recognize when he's feeling the spirit pretty easily. He's not expecting some dramatic sign to tell him this is right, so I think once he puts forth the effort he'll receive an answer and get baptized. 

Our mission's goal for baptisms each month is 100, but that goal has never been reached, and President Holm really wants to reach it before he leaves. So all last month and this month everyone in the mission has been praying twice a day for our mission goal. So far we're at 29 baptisms, which is well above average for this time of the month. There are so many people who are preparing to get baptized later this month. It's been amazing to hear all the miracles about people coming to church or eternal investigators who are now ready to make the commitment. 

Yesterday, Elder Callister of the Seventy came and spoke to our stake. He gave an amazing talk about the Apostasy, which would have been perfect for a few of our investigators, but unfortunately none of them were there. People really don't know what they're missing out on when they don't come to church. But it's ok, Sister McNeece and I took good notes so we'll just go over it with them in the next lesson we have. 

The stake president asked Sister Titus, one of the 3rd ward sisters to bear her testimony in the meeting. She's going home at the end of the transfer; it's so sad. I don't think she'd said two sentences before Sister McNeely (her companion), Sister McNeece and I were all crying. So I got out my tissues and started handing them down the row. It's really strange and really sad that missionaries that I know are starting to go home. I'm going to miss Sister Titus so much. But she's staying as positive as she can. The other day when we were talking about it, she said she's just thinking about the fact that soon she'll be able to email us and all the people she's served with, so she'll be able to stay in contact. It's great to see that members really do keep up with missionaries that have served here in the past, so even though they're home they're not forgotten. 

PS. Our weather's been absolutely beautiful this week. Sunny and in the 70s!

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