Monday, April 21, 2014


It sounds like you all had a wonderful Easter. Mine was very good.  We've been enjoying our Easter candy a little too much these past couple days. I also loved both dresses, and I got lots of compliments on the green one at church.Easter Sunday wasn't very different here, although the amount of people at all the other churches did seem to swell dramatically. We had some really great talks on the Atonement and the Resurrection. Sister McNeece and I taught the young women, we had them all pick an attribute of Christ that they liked and find a scripture about it in the Book of Mormon. It ended up being a really spiritual lesson. We had dinner with the Burrows and Sister Chapman, and that was lots of fun. We saw Brad in the evening, it may have been the last time I'll see him since he just got a new job that takes him out of state for weeks at a time. Thank goodness the church is the same wherever you go, so he'll always have a place to go to church. 

The elders had a couple of baptisms this weekend. A man and his mother were baptized and confirmed. She's 84 and he's 60. It was an amazing baptism service, and he bore his testimony in sacrament meeting, and it was incredible. They both have very strong testimonies, and we're all really excited for them. 

We had a specialized training meeting on Wednesday, and it was fun to see President and Sister Holm again. The Fentons were also there, they finish their mission next month. I can't believe they're going home. They got here the same time I did, and I'm going to miss them a lot. I can't believe it's almost been a year already. Sister McNeece and I were asked to be part of a couple of different skits during the meeting. In one of them, Sister McNeece and I demonstrated how to plan by the spirit, and we rhymed everything we said. In another I was the Holy Ghost, white sheet and all, and I directed the missionaries in where to go and what to say. It was fun. 

We went on an exchange with our sister training leaders, which was really good. I was with Sister Prior here in Easley. We stopped by our investigator's house, and she told us that things had gotten pretty hostile at home, and so she was going to be moving out as quickly as possible. It was good news, because she really can't progress while she's in that situation so hopefully things will start improving now. She really wants to get baptized, but she doesn't really understand that by being baptized and confirmed, she'd become part of the church. She's just looking at it as a recommitting herself to Christ. So, we're going to be talking about baptism a little more. 

We had another good lesson with another investigator who hasn't come to church since conference, so that's what we'll be focusing on with him. It's amazing how much quicker investigators progress once they come to church. It really helps them to get their answers to questions, and they get to see what we teach in practice. Plus they get to meet members and build friendships there. 

I got Kate's wedding invitation, which was very exciting. I think now it's finally hit me that it's actually happening. I realized we're not little girls anymore. In a lot of ways when I saw her invitation it felt like I was entering a new phase of life, kind of like how I felt when I graduated from high school or got my mission call. I realized that we're growing up and progressing. It's a little scary; I had a moment of thinking "I don't know if I'm ready for this, for her to be married," but it's really exciting and I'm so happy for her. 

I was very happy when I heard about Zaxby's coming to Utah. We still have them around and I love going there every once in awhile, and I'm glad I'll at least have that part of my mission when I get home. I hope you all have a good week.  I love y'all! 

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