Monday, February 3, 2014

Cabin Fever

Well, it's been an odd, ironic week down here in Easley, South Carolina. On Tuesday, something happened that I never expected to happen on my mission- it snowed! 

We got about a full inch. It was crazy! Also, a little pathetic, because we basically had to shut down and stay in our apartment. Seriously, missionaries were not allowed to drive or ride bikes when there was snow on the road. Not because we aren't capable of driving in it, but because everyone else doesn't know what they're doing. Wednesday morning everything was still iced over, so we spent the morning baking chocolate cakes for our recent convert Dolly, who got out of jail that day. 

Then on Thursday, Sister Rowley got sick with the flu, and so we had to stay in our apartment all day. Friday, she still wasn't feeling better, so we stayed in again. While she slept, I organized our map and our area book a little better and went through all the phone numbers in our phone and deleted all the ones we no longer needed. There were about 100. So even though we weren't out working, we stayed as busy as we could, and it was good because now we're a lot more organized. I felt a little guilty, because I like organizing things so I felt like I was enjoying staying in a little too much. 

The reason this week has been so ironic was that when it snowed, we had our day absolutely packed with things to do, and then we couldn't do any of it, and it was the one day that week when we had everything planned. Also, we've been really good about miles, so we had about 300 miles to use this past week, but we couldn't go out and use them. And then, less than an hour after I got our phone all cleaned out, the mailman delivered a new phone to us, and we can't transfer the contacts over, so we're going to have to go through and put them all into the new phone. 

Saturday Sister Rowley was feeling better so we were able to go out and see people. Kathy is doing well, and is excited to get baptized in a couple weeks. She hasn't completely quit smoking yet, but she's so close. She's changed a lot in the past couple months and it's been exciting to watch her grow. 

On Sunday we had an amazing miracle, we found a family to teach! They were a referral from a member in another ward, who works with the dad and has been telling him all about the church. They're a really awesome family; they have three kids, a daughter who's 22, and son who's 18 and another daughter who's 9. We're meeting with them next Sunday to teach them the first lesson. We're really excited. Pray that it will go well and the spirit will be there. 

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